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The game Europe: Countries is available in the following languages: Seterra is an entertaining and educational geography game that lets you explore the world and learn about its countries, capitals, flags, oceans, lakes and more! Risograph gr3750 service manual. Kids Learning Tube Learn about the continent of Europe and it's 50 fully recognized sovereign states Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgar. 7) Danube River- Flows through more countries than any other country in the world 8) Volga River- Largest river in Europe; located in Russia 9) Alps(Alpine Mountains)- Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria.

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Europe quiz

How many European countries can you name on the map? Take our Europe geography quiz to challenge yourself and find out!

Guess all 45 countries in 4 minutes with 2 hints per country.

This game is best played on devices with screens larger than 1024px and a physical keyboard.

How to play

Type in the name of country highlighted in red on the map. If you guessed correctly, the highlighted country will turn blue. Guess as many countries as possible in the shortest amount of time!

If you are stuck, click on 'Get a hint' to get clues that might help you guess the country, such as the name of the capital city, the first letter, or the ISO3 country code. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come to you right away, hit 'Skip' and the country will appear again later.

To guess press the 'Guess' button or simply hit

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About this quiz

We created this geography quiz to make learning the names and geographic locations of countries more fun.

Can you point out Malta on the map? How about Demmark, Italy, or Andorra? This quiz will help you learn the locations and shapes of European countries in a fun and playful way. If you get stuck, the hints hide some extra information, such as the capital city, the first letter of the country name, and its ISO3 code.

If you're just starting out, choose the learning level to get 3 hints per country and 10 minutes to guess all the names. Don't worry if you can't guess all of them the first time around. The summary table will show you which European sub-regions you know better, and which ones you still need to work on. Just skip the countries you don't know, and guess as many as you can.

The default mode will show you a maxium of 2 hints per country, and give you 5 minutes to complete the quiz. This is a nice challenge if you have already tried similar quizzes and know a lot of European country names.

Top 10 Countries In Europe

Are you feeling confident? Challenge yourself and choose the most difficult level to test your knowledge of European countries with one hint per country, and only 2 minutes to guess them all!

Asian Countries Geography Quiz

This geographic quiz was made with 💕 by z creative labs using react-simple-maps and Chakra UI.