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Donatello (2014/16) x Reader

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Warnings: Swearing, kidnap, and my bad asf puns

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  3. Donatello's Destiny. Donatello is the smartest turtle in the room, and everyone knows it. From the moment he was mutated, Donatello has been building devices, whether they were his brothers’ toys, or the weapons that aid their ninja endeavors. As he grew, so did his fascination and ability with technology, and before long he was creating weapons, vehicles, and devices that human science couldn’t even.

The talking rat is discovered by The Rat King, and he is convinced by a local hood, Pinky McFingers, that they could take over the world with Donatello's invention. Meanwhile, Donatello turns his cloning machine on himself and, thanks to an algebraic miscalculation, creates a clone that is ten times smarter than he is. Here you will find intellectual talks, pseudo-intellectual talks, debates, discussions, live stream highlights, and more. Destiny's official YouTube channel.

Word count: 958

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

It’d been 2 months since you and Donatello had first started dating. You’d known him for only a little over that, but as soon as you met –as cliché as it sounds- you knew what you both felt for each other was special. Fate, destiny – whatever you would call it, it brought you and your purple-masked boyfriend together, and you couldn’t thank the universe enough for that.

One fault in this loving relationship: he hadn’t told his family about you yet. Granted he was a mutant turtle, and you were a human girl, and coming out of the shadows about your relationship to a whole family of mutants needed time, and it had to be done delicately. He told you, one wrong move and you could potentially never be together again.

Midterms. The bane of your existence. You weren’t as intelligent as your brainbox boyfriend (who was?) and you needed all the help you could get. So you planned a study session before your big biology exam, which would probably turn into a make-out session. Who knows?


You had all the stuff you needed out, books, equipment, more books, snacks, and mints. Obviously.

You had waited for about an hour, Donnie was usual as punctual as he could get, considering he had to make up an excuse to his family, but an hour was late for him. Understandably, you began to worry, but your worry dispelled when you heard the familiar knock on the window. Grinning from ear to you opened your curtains and pushed the window open. No one was there? Frowning, you poked your head out to get a better look outside.

Wrong move. Your neck was gripped, and a white clothe covering your mouth. You dare not breathe in. You knew what this was. So you struggled with all your might, with your last, probably dying, breath. You hit the person, over the head with your arms, but they were grabbed as well by another pair of arms. You gasped, the feeling of the tip of a blade against your spine made your eyes widen.

Fuck no.

The people whispered ruthless threats in your ear as they tossed you out of the window and into some more arms. That’s all you felt for a while, dragging you down the fire escape before you didn’t feel anything. You didn’t see anything. Everything was numb and cold.

He searched for you for days. He got there too late. He should’ve been there to protect you. But he wasn’t. He regrets it all. Agreeing to help Mikey, agreeing to help Raph, agreeing to help Leo. He helped everyone, but you. The person he promised to protect for the rest of his life.

He scoured every rooftop, every building, all of the deserted alleyways. No sign of you.

He hacked into every camera in your area, and he would the whole city if he had to. He needed you back. He was going crazy. He was crazy without you.

Then one night, he’d finally come clean to his worried brothers, who had bombarded his control room and demanded to know what the fuck was going on. But he had no clue. For once in his life, Donatello had no idea what to do.

So he told them what had happened, he told them of your relationship and most importantly, he told them how much you meant to him.

So as a team, they searched the city. Leo gave him faith. He told his younger brother not to lose hope, because you definitely had not given up on him.

The turtle brothers still had to do their job however, and protect the city at all costs. So when they got note from April of criminal activity at the docks, the team got to work.

That’s where he found you. Hunched over a chair, passed out, bloody and bruised. Rage filled his veins.

How dare they lay a finger on you? How dare they take the love of his life away from him? He snapped. He charged recklessly, his red-banded brother following close behind.

Donatello didn’t know what he was doing, but he was not stopping until you were safely in his arms again. He would’ve been able to as well until he felt a gun to his temple. His brothers stopped, eyes widening at what they were witnessing.

“Weapons, down,” The obvious ringleader snickered at the turtle brothers. Donatello turned so the gun pointed directly at his forehead. “Now.” He ordered, staring into Donatello’s eyes.

“Do it guys.” He mumbled, narrowing his eyes at the shorter man in front of him. Pushing up his glasses, he took a step forward, dropping his Bo staff on the ground. He heard the clatter of his brothers’ weapons falling too.

Tmnt Donatello Makes Time

This was it. The make or break moment.

“Give me the memory stick, and you can go, and so can your little broad.” His jaw clenched and his nostrils flared. He knew who they were. He stole data from their company and they came to get it back. “We know you have it with you. Give it to us, freak.”

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And he did, but not before kicking the man under his feet, and tossing the gun into the water. Donnie looked around at his brothers, who had already knocked all of the other men out. Perfect. He threw the memory stick at the ringleader and gripped his collar.

“Remember what happened here before you attack the people I love again.”

With that, he took long strides towards you and picked you up.

“You’re home now, [Y/N].”

Tmnt Donatello Figure

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