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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) is the central repository for criminal history information for the state of Tennessee. In addition to maintaining criminal history information, it is our responsibility to provide public access to this information when requested. Criminal history information, in the state of Tennessee, is comprised of misdemeanor and felony arrests based solely on fingerprint submission by the arresting agencies. When you request criminal history information on an individual, your results will state whether the subject has or does not have a Tennessee criminal history record. If there is a record that may be for the individual searched (aliases will not be included) a copy of the criminal history record will be forwarded to you. The Open Records check is a TN 'name-based' check only. No juvenile information will be included on the report unless the juvenile was transferred as an adult to criminal court pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann § 37-1-134. The cost for criminal history information is $29.00 per request and is non-refundable. You may contact Tennessee Open Records Information Services at 615-744-4057.

A Lifestyle + Visual Marketing Strategist that helps you set the stage at home, at work and in life.

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Welcome to my blog. I started my blog over 9 years ago with the aim of sharing with you my favourite finds, my recipes, craft tutorials, seasonal decorating, and interior ideas. I hope that at my blog you are able to easily and quickly find the content you are looking for. Have fun with it. Gotta make time. Save your Strength. Current elliott. First stop: fort worth, texas. Very fine south.

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Through her visual storytelling, thriving YouTube Channel and best-selling books, Tori inspires a real actionable, aesthetic that navigates the proper steps to build visibility from brands to homes for over 100,000 homeowners, home stagers and real estate experts worldwide.

She proves that by broadcasting your message and leveraging your position on the market you can inspire others to take action. Share your story, influence their perspective, cue the life that you desire.

My aim is to make home staging a real estate standard through education. We offer a variety of cost-effective resources for home sellers and real estate agents to better assist marketing a property for sale.

We also help our fellow home stagers build their visibility online to provide the support and tools needed to brand and market a business you love. Learn more about the ways we can work together below:

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Tune in to see world-class industry experts, detailed how-tos, and get business insights exclusively dedicated to the home staging industry. Our production team strives on creating quality educational content that will allow us to share industry news while highlighting the importance home staging has during the real estate process. We’re working with industry leaders and contributors to demystify the home staging process to ensure the home staging industry is a real estate standard when it comes time to sell a property.


Browse through hundreds of blog posts about everything from home staging + decorating, organizing, cleaning, entertaining, showcasing real estate, plus marketing tips to make your home + staging business more visible.

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Build a consistent plan that creates video content to use and reuse [Think Automation!] to prime prospects before meeting them by using our video strategy to grow your revenue nearly 50% faster. Learn more about our video courses here.

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I provide a variety of online marketing services for home sellers, home stagers + real estate agents. From courses to consults we can help! Don’t forget to check out my best-selling books, home decor, products I love and more right here.

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