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  • It shows how to perform git operation such as add, commit and push operations using tortoiseGit. Here, we modify files, add (stage), commit and push to GitHu.
  • Tortoise Git ‒ an open source and free Git GUI for Windows, straightforward to use and can be used with other development tools. Mac Git Clients: GitUp ‒ a safe environment to learn Git and experiment with. It’s also free, fast and easy to use. GitBox ‒ free for non-profit use and makes working with Git as easy as checking the mail.
  • GitLab Tutorial for WebStorm and TortoiseGit Overview This tutorial gives a basic introduction on how to synchronize files in a GitLab repository with WebStorm and TortoiseGit. You will learn how to create a GitLab repository, add and change files, and upload the changes to the repository. You will simulate a merge conflict on your.

Platforms: Mac, Windows Price: Free License: Proprietary GitHub Desktop. Platforms: Mac, Windows Price: Free License: MIT TortoiseGit. Platforms: Windows. Download TortoiseGit 2.11.0 - 64-bit ( 19.4 MiB) Pre-Release Builds Before reporting an issue, please check that your problem isn't fixed in our latest preview release.

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Before we start on the tutorial, let's get our development environment upand running for Git. Choose your PC environment below and I will explain how wecan start setting up Git.

If you are a developer and you're comfortable with a console interface, howabout giving the console a try for Git?


Tortoisegit For Mac Download

TortoiseGit is an open-source Git client.

To proceed with the tutorial, you will have to install msysgit on your computer. You may download the installer from

First of all, download the TortoiseGit installer. Depending on your Windows OS, you will have to decide between the 32 bit or 64 bit version.


Start the installer by double clicking the downloaded installer file. In the next screen, click 'Next'.

Bmw scanner 1.4.0 download. Click 'Next' again.

Select “TortoisePLink” then click “Next”.

Click 'Next' again.'

Click on “Install”.

Installation will now begin. In some cases, TortoiseGit will look for Windows user certification. If that happens, you will have to click 'accept' to continue with the installation.

Tortoisegit For Mac

Once the installation is complete, click “Finish” to exit.


On a Mac, you can use a Git client called SourceTree. It is created by Atlassian and is free to use.

Download and double-click on the .dmg file, and drag SourceTree into the Application folder.

We are now ready to start!

Command Line

Download the Git installer from the Git website at

For Mac users, you can install Git with package management tools such as MacPorts and Homebrew.


After installation, go to Start menu > All programs > Git > Git Bash.


After installing, open Terminal which is located in Applications/Utilities.

Let's verify that Git has been successfully installed by doing a version check. The output string may differ depending on the installed environment or the version.

$ git --version git version (Apple Git-26)
SnailGit is a TortoiseGit-like Git client, implemented as a Finder extension.SnailGit allows you to access the most frequently used Git features via the Finder context menu (right click).SnailGit also adds icon overlays to your Git repositorie..
Donnerstag, 07. April 2016, 07:38 Uhr

SnailGit is a TortoiseGit-like Git client, implemented as a Finder extension.

SnailGit allows you to access the most frequently used Git features via the Finder context menu (right click).

SnailGit also adds icon overlays to your Git repositories in Finder. It tracks your Git repositories and updates the icon overlays automatically, giving you visual feedback of the current state of your repositories.

In a few steps, you can start using SnailGit Lite easily:
1. Enable 'SnailGit Lite Extension' in 'System Preferences » Extensions'.
2. Clone a Git repository with SnailGit Lite (File » Git Clone..) or add an existing Git repository to SnailGit Lite.
3. Navigate to your repository in Finder and right click to access SnailGit Lite functionalities.


Q: What's the difference between SnailGit Lite and SnailGit full version?
A: SnailGit Lite supports only one repository, while the full version supports unlimited repositories. If you are working on multiple Git repositories, please purchase SnailGit full version (search for 'SnailGit' on the Mac App Store).

Q: There is no icon overlays / context menu for the files?
A: Please make sure that you've enabled 'SnailGit Lite Extension' in 'System Preferences » Extensions', and also make sure that you've added the repository to SnailGit Lite Preferences.
If your Git repository is monitored by multiple Finder extensions, please make sure that SnailGit Lite Extension comes first in 'System Preferences » Extensions » Finder', you can drag and drop the extensions to adjust the order.
If the problem persists, please disable 'SnailGit Lite Extension' in 'System Preferences » Extensions' and then enable it again. The last resort is to relaunch Finder or restart your computer.

Q: What kind of URL schemes does SnailGit support?
A: SnailGit supports the following URL schemes:
• http://
• https://
• git://
• ssh://

Q: Does SnailGit work well with other Git clients?
A: In theory, SnailGit works with any kinds of Git clients that is compatible with Git 2.6, from the command line client to the GUI apps.

Q: SnailGit command-line interface?
A: The SnailGit command-line interface is located at '/Applications/'.

Q: Does SnailGit work for file managers other than Finder?
A: SnailGit is primarily a Finder extension, so it is likely that it will not work for other file managers.



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