Trainz 2019 DLC: Laadgs Transporter Crack


Trainz 2019 Dlc: Laadgs Transporter Cracked

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Constructed between 1904 and 1920, the Victorian Railways DD/D1 class locomotives were designed as a mixed traffic locomotive, with capabilities of also hauling mainline passenger services. Eventually numbering 260 members, the DD class locomotives were constructed by both the Victorian Railways and outside locomotive builders, such as the Phoenix Foundry in Ballarat, the Baldwin Locomotive works in the USA, and others. The design evolved quickly, resulting in 5 major variations to the DD class, the fourth being the most recognized with the wide Canadian Cab and high running boards, which would be continued with the type 5 (superheated type 4) locos, and carried on when some members were rebuilt as D2 and D3 class locomotives.
This pack covers the Type 4 D1 class locomotives built by the Victorian Railways Newport Workshops betwen 1904 and 1920, in the all over black livery introduced in the 1920s, and worn by the class until their demise, classed as D1 as running in the 1930s through till the early 1950s, and as fitted with the distinctive VR 5 chime whistle.
VR D1 T4 Black 1 Npt - fitted with older style Serrif number plates, and Serrif style class plates, covering various numbers from 500 to 668, with a total of 51 numbers.
VR D1 T4 Black 2 Npt - fitted with newer style Sans Serrif style number plates, and Serrif style class plates, covering various numbers from 500 to 697, with a total of 39 numbers.
Features include:
2 locomotives and tenders, with three optional levels of weathering (changed via the properties menu), in broad gauge
Down Passenger session with both locomotives agailable, with free roam option after completion
6 pre-made consists, including light engine, goods, and passenger consists for both versions.
Texture swapping with clean, lightly weathered and heavy weathered options, each with individual specular maps and reflection maps to match the weathering
Scripted, animated, reverser and valve gear in exterior and interior views
LOD on all meshes
Scripted exhaust smoke effects, based off regulator and cut-off
Scripted and animated air compressor, with sound and smoke effects
Scripted cylinder drain effects toggled by ALT + D, and based off the steam chest pressure
Other Scripted steam and sound effects including injectors, and blower
Animated screwlink couplers, brake hoses/taps, and safety chains using ACS
Scripted Marker Lamps and Tail discs, with glow lamps (thanks to Bloodnok) - compatible with the VR Set Train Lamps driver command
Animated cab doors, cab windows, cab roof vent, weather tarp, smokebox door, and tender tank filler lid
Cab doors, windows and roof vent can be controlled from inside the cab as well as via the properties window.
Weather tarp matches in cab view and exterior view
Full custom interior view, with operational controls
Physique based coal load animation in tender, giving realistic deformation as coal is used
Automatic Numbering, with automatic tender numbering, with normals mapped number plates and matching builders plates (92 numbers available)
Snow mesh, using the snow altitude function in Trainz

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