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This is a list of features announced or mentioned by the developers to possibly come to ARK: Survival Evolved. Due to the shifting nature of development, there is no guarantee they'll be implemented.

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(320) 252 6272 Mon - Fri 8:00 - 5:00 24562 County Rd 138, St. Cloud, MN 56301. Upcoming stuff So as you may have noticed there has been a slight lack of updates lately, which is mostly due to me actually not working much on the books at the moment. However, I'm glad to say that the RoR update is now well under way, and should be released reasonably soon. Pivet Communications is a new company with big plans. We’re a multicultural company, with a global background. Our collective experience enables us to disrupt and pivot the Consumer Electronics industry with new technologies, new products and new ways of doing business. Fun Fact #4: Remote Monitoring Can be Used with Center Pivot Irrigated Sod AgSense is a remote management software built into all Valley ICON ® smart panels. Like with any other crop irrigated with center pivots and linears, sod farmers can use remote monitoring solutions, like AgSense ®, to manage and control their irrigation anytime, anywhere.

January 2, 3 - Quadrantids Meteor Shower. The Quadrantids is an above average shower, with up to 40 meteors per hour at its peak. It is thought to be produced by dust grains left behind by an extinct comet known as 2003 EH1, which was discovered in 2003.

  • 1Items
  • 2Environment
  • 3Game mechanics


  • Gaslight lanterns[1]
  • Indoor lighting[2]
  • Some light tier between standing torch/lamppost[2]
  • Flashlight[3]
  • Reinforced Stone Box[4]
  • Tek Tier[5]
    • Surveillance equipment[6]
    • Cloaking Devices[5]
    • Multi-HUD Visor (magnifying glass for the distance, maybe with more stat-infos)[7]
  • Wall banners (Flags hanging from walls) [8]


  • Shotgun beanbag ammo[9]
  • Warhorn[4]
  • Electrical Keyboard[10]
  • Xylophone[11]
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  • Knives[1]
  • Colored Smoke Grenade[4]
  • Disease trap[12]
  • Tripwire doors[12]
  • Tek Tier
    • Tracking Bullet[7]
    • Laser Trip wire[12]
    • EMP-weapon to disable electrical devices[7]
  • Torpedoes[13]

Armor / Clothing

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  • Dinosaur armor[14]
    • Dino mounted cannons for primitive[11]
  • The ability to add armor to the Training Dummy[15]


  • Half-walls[1]
  • Colorization pass on older structures[9]
  • Flipping Sloped Walls Upside Down[11]
  • Wall mounted coel for base decoration[16]
  • Dynamic-Length Bridges (first announced for v245 but then deferred)


  • Bread and Jam[14]
  • Laxatives[17]
  • Coffee[16]



  • More underwater harvestables[16]
  • More seeds, and making seeds only appear in certain biomes[6]


  • Additional caverns and biome development for The Center[12]
  • Sunken Obelisk with underwater boss[16]


  • Hail and other weather cycles[1]
  • Maybe a rough sea[4]

Game mechanics

  • Mechanized transportation system[9]
  • Potential airships/airship bases[9]
  • Naming items[18]
  • Carrying weapon and torch together[12]
  • Tribe-leveling[14]
  • Alliance rankings/privileges[12]
  • Localized injuries and bleeding (and bandages)[19]
  • Hold breath while in scope function[17]
  • Ability to stop babies from growing(Tek Tier)[17]
  • Craft from remote-inventories (i.e. using resources of a storagebox directly instead of transfer them first)[20]
  • Auto Flight/Run key[21]
  • More creature tracking options[22]
  • Use of map/GPS while mounted on water creatures[22]


  • Carnivores more active at dusk and dawn[2]
  • A fix to Pteranodon's spazzy nature[2]
  • The Carbonemys will have the ability to retract into their shells[6]
  • Possible sibling boost[17]
  • Alarm Trap can cycle aggression on nearby dinos[17]
  • Possible breeding stat[16]
  • Dino support of arbitrary gear[22]


  • Roaring feature for all dinosaurs[2]
  • Sound pass[23]


  • Footprints[14]
  • Different sounds for walking on different surfaces[6]


For specific creatures see the section of Unreleased Creatures at the Dossiers. Vijay tv serial idhu kadhala all episodes.

  • Alpha herbivores[14][12]


  • A skittish command for creatures[6]
  • Improved server browser[9]
  • Separate use key while mounted[22]


  • Disc Edition available after release[23]



Upcoming Stuff    The Pivot Corner Desk With Hutch

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