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Animated Atlas: U.S. History A timeline of American history. History and Biography Timelines for Kids Find out more about the fantastic 1700s! This was the century of the American Revolution, the Constitution, and the invention of the steam engine. This timeline focuses mainly on American, British, and French events. The history of the United States. You also will find many beautiful pictures of the events and people who shaped that history. This is the first in a series of books to help people learn the English language. Each of our Learner English books will have a different topic that teach-es readers about the United States and helps them understand new.

Unit 12: 80s, 90s, and 2000s
Timeline Instructions: 80s90s2000sTimelines
80s90s2000s PPT: 80s90s2000s

Unit 11: Vietnam
Unit 11 Cover Page: Unit 11 Cover Page
Vietnam Map: vietnammap
Causes of Vietnam War: vietnamcauses
Vietnam Music Reflection: vietnamwarsongs
Fighting the War RA: FightingWarRA
Political Divisions RA: PoliticalDivisionsPlusRA

Ch. 22 Crossword: Ch22crossword
Early Cold War Chart: ColdWarCrisis


Unit 10: Civil Rights Movement
Unit 10 Cover Page: Unit 10 Cover Page
Civil Rights Movement Timeline: CRMovtTimeline
CRM Poster Directions: CRMPoster
CRM Key Events Powerpoint: Key Events Matrix
Montgomery Bus Boycott RLAH: MontgomeryRLAH
Ch 21 Sec 5 Reading Assignment: ch21sec4&5
Malcolm X Information: malcolmx
Martin Luther King Jr. Information: mlking
Malcolm X & MLK Questions: mlkquestions
Widening Struggle Chart PPT: The Widening Struggle

Unit 9: Postwar America
Unit 9 Cover Page: Unit 9 Cover Page
Postwar America PPT (Economy, Culture & Politics): POSTWAR
1950’s Culture Collage Directions: 1950sCollage
1950’s Review Assignment: Ch20Review

Unit 8: America and the Beginning of the Cold War
Unit 8 Cover Page: Unit 8 Cover Page
The Cold War Unfolds PPT: ColdWarUnfolds
Cold War Terms Activity: ColdWarTerms
Cold War Terms Images: ColdWarTermsImages
Cold War Heats Up PPT: coldwar
Berlin Airlift Video: Youtube Link
R.L.A.H. Cold War (pg. 8-9): RLAHColdWarLessonPlan
Continuing Cold War PPT: Ch19sec4
McCarthyism Video Clip: McCarthyism Clip
Ch 19 Review Assignment: Ch19vocab
Korean War Video Guide: koreanwarvideo


Us History I Assignmentsmac's History On This Day

Unit 7 Cover Page: Unit 7 Cover Page
WWII Simple Timeline: WWIISimpleTimeline
WWII Vocabulary Assignment: Ch18VocabWorksheet
Dictators PPT: dictators
Europe Goes to War RA: EuropeGoestoWAR
War in the Pacific PPT: WarinPacific2
War in Europe PPT: WarinEurope
Atomic Bomb RLAH: Atomic Bomb Lesson Plan
Japanese Internment RLAH: JapaneseInternmentRLAH
WWII Odds and Ends PPT: WWIIOddsandEnds
The Story of US Video Guide: HistoryofUSEp10Guide

UNIT 5/6: Great Depression & New Deal
Unit 5 Cover Page: Unit 5 Cover Page
Stock Market Crash Causes: stock market crash
Social Effects Chart: DepressionEffectTable
Effects of the Great Depression: DepressionEffects
Story of US Video Guide Episode 9 “Bust”: StoryofUSEpisode9Bust
Dust Bowl Documents/Assignment: Dust Bowl Lesson Plan_0
Election of 1932: 1932Election
Unit 6 Cover Page: Unit 6 Cover Page
New Deal Debate Documents: New Deal SAC Lesson Plan
New Deal Powerpoint: NewDeal Microsoft dvd burner free download.

Us History I Assignmentsmac's History Timeline

UNIT 4: 1920s
Unit 4 Cover Page: Unit 4 Cover Page
1920’s Societal Changes: SocietyChanges1920s
Story of US DVD Guide (Episode 8: Boom): HistoryofUSEp8Guide
Cultural Conflicts: 1920sProblems
1920’s Timeline Activity: 20sTimeline
1920’s Presidents: 1920sPresidents
Business Boom of the 1920’s: 1920Economy
1920’s Crossword: 1920sCrossword

Us History I Assignmentsmac's History Dbq

Unit 3 Cover Page: Unit 3 Cover Page
U.S.S. Maine R.L.A.H. Activity: Maine Explosion Lesson Plan
Spanish-American War Notes: SpanAmerWar
Foreign Policy Chart: Ch10Sec2Chart
Foreign Policy Chart PPT: ForeignPolicyChart
Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson Foreign Policy PPT: ForeignPolicyTRTaftWWChart
Imperialism Quiz Review: Imp_SpanAmQuizReview
Imperialism Quiz: Imp_SpanAmWarQuiz
Road to War Reading Assignment: RoadtoWWI
WWI Map: WWIMapDirections
U.S. Enters WWI R.L.A.H. Activity: U.S. Entry into _revised
U.S. Entry into WWI PPT: USEntersWWI

UNIT 2: Progressive Response to the Great Transformation
Unit 2 Cover Page: Unit 2 Cover Page
Political Bosses Lesson Plan: Political Bosses Lesson Plan
Muckraker Quotes: ProgressiveExcerpts
Progressive Legislation PPT: ProgressiveLegislation
Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson Venn Diagram: ProgressivePresVD
Women’s Suffrage Movement Worksheet: WomensSuffrageWkrsht
Anti-Suffragists Chart: Anti-Suffragists Graphic Organizer
Anti-Suffragists Documents: Anti-Suffragists Lesson Plan
Progressivism Review Word Search: ProgressiveWordsearch

Us History I Assignmentsmac's History Channel

UNIT 1: Emergence of Big Business
Thinking Like a Historian Chart: HT Skills chart_0(1)
Snapshot Autobiography: Snapshot Autobiography_1
Unit 1 Cover Sheet: Unit 1 Cover Page
Technological Revolution PPT: TechRevolutionCH6Sec1
Effects of Industrialization Reading Assignment: Immigrants_WorkersRA
The Great Strikes: GreatStrikes
Pullman Strikes R.L.A.H.: Pullman Strike Organizer-1
Pullman Strikes R.L.A.H. Documents: Pullman Strike Lesson Plan
Homestead Strike R.L.A.H. Activity: HomesteadStrike
Unit 1 Crossword: BigBusinessCrossword

08/13/13: Class Introduction Documents

Class Expectations: USHistExpectations
Portfolio Table of Contents: PortTOC
Course Outline: US2ndSemesterOutline
US History Standards: USHistoryStandards
Letter to Mr. Craft: LettertoMrCraft