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Miss Agnes Locback, pictured here, accused a black man, Will Brown, of sexual assault. He was arrested, pulled from jail by a violent white mob, shot 100 times, burned, and his remains were hung for public display. http://www.nebraskastudies.org/0700/frameset_reset.html?
Also see the 'Will Brown Video' for addition photos and a narrative of the events.
Here we are able to see women present as lynching observers, supporting the punishment along with
the men they stand with. (http://www.salon.com/2000/08/31/lynching/)
This article, publish by Ida B. Wells in The Memphis Free Speech, was her way of pointing out the amount of energy being spent against African Americans receiving justice. She expressed that that amount of energy should be spent to obtain it for them instead.
This article, published by the Clinton Mirror in 1911, tells of the lynching of Laura Nelson and her son.
Photo of Laura Nelson, lynched from a bridge, 1911.
This article from the Cleveland Advocate on April 10, 1920, expresses the image of hero given to girls who have viewed a lynching. Was this seen as a sort of initiation for these girls into adult society?
African American women protesting lynching outside the White House in 1954.
NAACP Papers, Part 7: The Anti-Lynching Campaign, 1912-1955, Series B: Anti-Lynching Legislative and Publicity Files, 1916-1955, Library of Congress. This file discusses the number of female lynchings in the US, divided per state. It presents the story of many of these lynchings.
This letter, written by Eleanor Roosevelt to Walter White on March 19, 1936, told of her efforts to have federal action taken against lynching. To retrieve this document visit http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/index.html and search 'lynching' in the top right corner.

This cartoon, created by Reginald March in 1934, is titled 'This is her first lynching'. It shows how viewing and supporting this crime became a part of life for some children, girl or boy. Here we see a young girl exposed to the crime.
This article was published in the Cleveland Advocate on May 8, 1920. It expresses the mentality whites held toward blacks in the case of sexual assault toward white females.
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I used to eat meat a lot. Before I came travelling, meat was the focal point of every meal – and I didn’t really see an alternative.

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The thing that put me off vegetarianism was that I believed, wrongly, that a meal devoid of meat was no meal at all. If a meal is all vegetables and pulses, where’s the action? Who’s playing the lead role on a plate full of supporting actors? Potatoes go great with beef, rice with chicken, pork with pie; but alone, they are the roof of a house with no foundations.

How was I to get enough protein? How was I to get excited for my meals? We’re carnivores by nature, right? – I’m obligated to fulfill the role of my canines.

I was ignorant.

I haven’t eaten meat in three months, and not once have I felt unsatisfied; my stomach never communicating that it was unfulfilled.

If Asia taught me anything it’s that it really isHomeworld: deserts of kharak for mac. possible to change; to release the beef, to ditch the fish, to decline the swine. By being exposed to how many magical ways you can boil a potato, awakening to a whole new world of spices and seeing that everyone is happy and healthy – we really just don’t need meat.
I think the main issue here is that people seek excitement in their meals through meat. Hopefully, as people begin to realise that the hole they perceive in their palette is a result of their ineptitude in the kitchen, they’ll start going to cooking classes instead of to the butchers.

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Another issue is the dissociation from the meat we get from the packet and the distressed animal that it came from.

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Something that unfortunately some of us find difficult to swallow – or just lack entirely – is empathy. To care about animals can be seen as being overly sensitive; the word vegan connotes flower power and unshaven armpits.
Its simply an inconvenience to entertain the idea, that the bacon with our breakfast came from a real-life, breathing pig; with an emotional capacity to be scared and a nervous system to allow pain.
So we label, lambaste and distance ourselves from those with dietary consciences – hiding the truth under ridiculous stigmas and assumptions – in order to justify our ignorance and maintain our apathy.
But, when we see that it ispossible to enjoy a meal devoid of meat, and we allow ourselves to question man’s dominion over all others; killing for our dinner just becomes an ungrounded source of suffering.

It really just doesn’t make sense to me anymore, continuing to consume like the dinosaur I was three months ago. Our taste buds have developed enough to appreciate food without flesh, and our brains can comprehend feeling for life other than a human.

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We can still enjoy our grub, we just don’t have to enjoy at the expense of anything else.