Windows 8.1.1 June

  • Windows 8.1.1 is a step forward for usability and user acceptance; the operating system’s design and behavior is more consistent especially in Windows Store apps (which previously behaved much.
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  • Windows RT 8.1 1 (3164035). V1.1 (June 15, 2016): Revised the Executive Summary to correct the attack vector description. This is an informational change only.

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This document describes how to download IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer, Version 8.1.1, from the IBM Passport Advantage Web site.

The IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer module of the IBM InfoSphere Information Server is the next-generation data profiling and analysis tool that helps business and data analysts understand the content, quality, and structure of their data sources. InfoSphere Information Analyzer helps increase the productivity of data personnel by automating the data discovery process and improves ROI and time to benefit in data intensive projects.

Windows 8.1.1 june 2

InfoSphere Information Analyzer provides industry-leading data rules creation, execution and monitoring ability, introducing comprehensive data rules capabilities to enable customers to do a better job of data discovery in large data volume environments.

Downloading the product

Your proof of entitlement directs you to your license file. This license file controls which of the product modules you can install and run.

To download the product:

  1. Go to the Find Downloads and Media Web page and log in.
  2. Under the Download finder options, select the Find by part number search option.
  3. Search for each downloadable image by the part number. For example:
  4. Product descriptionFile namePart number
    Information Analyzer 8.1.1 Windows MultilingualInfo_Anlyzr_WIN
  5. Download all of the required images.
  6. Extract each of the images into a single, temporary directory on your system. Use a file extracting utility that supports large file extractions.

If you purchase additional product modules or components of the InfoSphere Information Server suite after you install InfoSphere Information Analyzer, you do not have to download the InfoSphere Information Server installation image again. However, you must update the license on the services tier computer before you can install the new modules. For more information, see the IBM Information Server Planning, Installation, and Configuration Guide.

Tab navigation

  • Windows- selected tab,

Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 for server components of the product
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2003 for client components of the product

Required image

IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer
This image contains the InfoSphere Information Analyzer.

Product descriptionFile namePart number
Information Analyzer 8.1.1 Windows MultilingualInfo_Anlyzr_WIN

Prerequisite image

InfoSphere Information Server
InfoSphere Information Server must be installed before you can install the InfoSphere Information Analyzer image.

Product descriptionFile namePart number
InfoSphere Information Server 8.1 Windows 32 bit MultilingualInfoSvr_v8.1_WinSvr


The following images are the documentation images:

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  • InfoSphere Information Server Quick Start Guide
  • InfoSphere Information Server product documentation (PDF)

InfoSphere Information Server Quick Start Guide
This guide describes the basic installation of InfoSphere Information Server.

IBM InfoSphere Information Server product documentation (PDF)
This image contains the complete set of product documentation provided as PDF files, including documentation for InfoSphere Information Analyzer 8.1.1.

Product descriptionFile namePart number
IBM Information Server 8.1 Quick Start GuideInfoSvr_v8.1_Quick
IBM Information Server 8.1 Product Documentation (PDF)InfoSvr_v8.1
IBM InfoSphere Information Server 8.1.1 PDF doc MultilingualIIS_8.1.1_PDF

Client images

InfoSphere Information Analyzer Workbench Client
The following are images for the InfoSphere Information Analyzer Workbench 8.1 client as well as the InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage Designer client.

Windows 8.1.1 June 2020

Product descriptionFile namePart number
InfoSphere Information Server 8.1 Windows Client MultilingualInfoSvr_Client_v8.1_
IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer Workbench 8.1.1 Windows EnglishInfoAnlyzer_Workbench


Ensure that you have installed all of the prerequisite software. For more information, see the IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer release notes.
Ensure that your system meets the software, hardware, and operating system requirements for installing IBM InfoSphere Information Server. For more information, see the IBM InfoSphere Information Server system requirements.

[{'PRLabel':'InfoSphere Information Analyzer release notes','PRLang':'English','PRSize':'2593','PRPlat':{'label':'Windows','code':'PF033'},'PRURL':''},{'PRLabel':'InfoSphere Information Server system requirements','PRLang':'English','PRSize':'15560','PRPlat':{'label':'Windows','code':'PF033'},'PRURL':''}]

Installation Instructions

See the InfoSphere Information Analyzer release notes for information about installing InfoSphere Information Analyzer 8.1.1.
See the IBM Information Server Planning, Installation, and Configuration Guide for information about installing InfoSphere Information Server.

[{'INLabel':'Installing InfoSphere Information Analyzer','INLang':'English','INSize':'2593','INURL':''},{'INLabel':'Planning Installation and Configuration Guide','INLang':'English','INSize':'11842','INURL':''}]

Download Package

Windows 8.1.1 June 2019

You can download or request a media pack for this product from the Passport Advantage site by clicking the link in the following table.
Passport Advantage Online web site05/01/2009English11842

[{'Product':{'code':'SSZJLG','label':'InfoSphere Information Analyzer'},'Business Unit':{'code':'BU053','label':'Cloud & Data Platform'},'Component':'--','Platform':[{'code':'PF033','label':'Windows'}],'Version':'8.1.1','Edition':','Line of Business':{'code':','label':'}},{'Product':{'code':'SSZJPZ','label':'InfoSphere Information Server'},'Business Unit':{'code':'BU053','label':'Cloud & Data Platform'},'Component':' ','Platform':[{'code':','label':'}],'Version':','Edition':','Line of Business':{'code':'LOB10','label':'Data and AI'}}]

Document Information

Modified date:
15 June 2018

Windows Phone 8.1, codenamed ‘Blue’, is the latest update to the Microsoft Windows Phone operating system. It was announced at Microsoft’s Build 2014 conference in April, with new devices like the Lumia 930 arriving later that month.

A Preview for Developers program was also announced at Build, with availability for the general public arriving on April 14th, 2014. It has been estimated that over 1.5 million devices have the 8.1 Preview installed after the first week.

All current Windows Phone 8 devices, including the Lumia 520, qualify to receive the update, which is expected to commence on July 15, though it will vary from carrier to carrier and could span 8 weeks or more.

Nokia devices are also receiving new firmware specific for Lumia phones called 'Lumia Cyan'. This firmware comes packaged with the official Windows Phone 8.1 over-the-air update.

History and Future

Following the re-launch of Windows Phone 8 back in late 2012, the 8.1 update follows on Microsoft’s planned 18-month upgrade path for their mobile operating system. While Windows Phone 8 had three feature-adding updates during its life-cycle (‘Portico’, Update 2, Update 3), the 8.1 update is a significant overhaul of the OS.

After Windows Phone 8.1 was announced (May 2014), it is expected to receive numerous General Distribution Release (GDR) updates, finally being supplanted by a spring 2015 release of ‘Threshold’ aka Windows Phone 8.2 or Windows Phone 9. The first update for Windows Phone 8.1 should wrap development in July, with a release later that summer.

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