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Using the correct version of winutils.exe did the trick for me. The winutils should be from the version of Hadoop that Spark has been pre built for. Set HADOOPHOME environment variable to the bin location of winutils.exe. I have stored winutils.exe along with C:Sparkbin files. So now my SPARKHOME and HADOOPHOME point to the same location C. Winutil Hadoop For Mac. By thisfumiddca1983 Follow Public. Set Hadoop configurations On the client you can set Hadoop configurations using the spark.conf.set API, which applies to SQL and DataFrame operations. Hadoop configurations set on the sparkContext must be set in the cluster configuration or using a notebook. The Apache Hadoop software.

之前在mac上调试hadoop程序(mac之前配置过hadoop环境)一直都是正常的。因为工作需要,需要在windows上先调试该程序,然后再转到linux下。程序运行的过程中,报Failed to locate the winutils binary in the hadoop binary path Could not locate executable nullbinwinutils.exe in the Hadoop binaries.


通过断点调试、查看源码发现程序需要根据HADOOP_HOME找到winutils.exe,由于win机器并没有配置该环境变量,所以程序报 nullbinwinutils.exe。

Spark Winutils

privatestatic String HADOOP_HOME_DIR = checkHadoopHome();


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增加用户变量HADOOP_HOME,值是下载的zip包解压的目录,然后在系统变量path里增加$HADOOP_HOMEbin 即可。

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