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  • The point of darker nights is to have lights and such stand out and everything else be really dark. It creates a very nice contrast. This addon would just make everything really dark, so it just looks gray.
  • Re: Dark / Darker nights Post by Sinrek » Mon Mar 02, 2020 8:20 pm Yes, it will, however, please keep in mind that Speedy Turtle model won't be working very well with Legion / WoD models.

Dark Nights for 1.12.1
Since everyone is talking about Vanilla nowadays, i took the time to convert the Dark Nights mod from wotlk/cata to 1.12. All the changes are in one dbc file, LightIntBand, so i just compared it to the original and transferred the changes. Also i made several different versions because one taste may not fit all. They go from lighter to darker. Just pick the one you like and place the MPQ file inside the Data folder.
How nights look originally:
Dark Night
Darker Night
Very Dark Night
Pitch Black Night
This last one is for the masochists out there
More Screenshots

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Darker Nights Add-on v1.3 ETS2

This addon makes nights fully darker.
– This addon must have higher priority than Realistic Graphics Mod in Mod Manager to work.
– Compatible with Promods map. Promods Support Add-on is not required.
Recommended Mod Manager order for Promods Map users:
1-(top row) Darker Nights Add-on
2- Realistic Graphics Mod
3- Promods Definition Pack
4- Promods Map Pack
5- Promods Media Pack
6- Promods Model 3 Pack
7- Promods Model 2 Pack
8- Promods Model 1 Pack
9- Promods Assets Pack

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Wow Darker Nights Addons

This addon cannot work together with No-Bloom Add-on of Realistic Graphics Mod! One of the addons will not work properly when both addons are used together.
v1.3 released. Changelog:
– Added support for RGM 4.0 update.