Wttwant To Trade

Stands for Want To Trade, used commonly by players in a game that are looking to trade an account or item for something else.

WTT: (Want to Trade) 05 WRX raised armrest SCIC Private Classifieds. How to learn license number for ms office on mac os. I have 2600rds of 40s&w I would like to trade for guns. This ammo has been stored in airtight containers with oxygen absorbers. I am in the Plymouth Ma area. Pm me on this site. Speer lawman 155gr tmj 300rds Speer lawman 180gr cleanfire 300rds Speer lawman 125gr frangible 850rds American. WTT= want to trade. WTS= want to sell. WTB= want to buy PS: WTS doesnt mean 'what the s.t'.

A_newbie yells 'WTT Level 'Ice Sword' for 'Fire Hammer' message if interested!'
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'Wanna Tap That' In reference to seeing someone attractive that you'd want to hook up with.
Eric: ' Oh, man that girl is smoking hot!'
John: ' I know, WTT!!!'
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Jessica - 'Ayo I got the WTT over here'
Jack - 'Ay sounds goodmay I feel I'm kinda cold?'
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Shorthand for Jay-Z and Kanye West'scollaborative rap album 'Watch the Throne.'
The rapper criticized WTT when it was first released. The same rapper cannot stop bumping it in his whip.

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Want To Trade
Used in many games for trading of items.
by Soljia March 03, 2005
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1. Want To Trade?: A term used in a online video games to save time asking another player if they wish to trade.
2. What The Toothbrush?: A comical spin on WTF (what the fuck) originating from the Game FAQ forums.
1: Eric of Frost: Dude! WTT ur lvl 2 sword for my lvl 3 bow?
Trent: No!
2: SimonSix: I saw my hamsters go at it last night. X.x It was.. odd.
Fuzle: Lol! WTT?

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