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  2. Yandere Simulator is a stealth game about stalking a boy and secretly eliminating any girl who has a crush on him, while maintaining the image of an innocent schoolgirl.
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Ayano Aishi is an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl, but only at first glance… In fact, she lost the ability to show emotions as a result of mental deviation: she never smiles, never cries. Instead people see only a stone face. But when she fell in love with Taro Yamado, her Senpai, the heroine’s inner world acquired bright colors again. No, her feelings are not just a passing whim: Ayano is literally distraught when it comes to the guy of her dream.

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The girl is ready to sacrifice everything she has for the sake of reciprocity. She is not even afraid to take the life of a person who got in her way, so that another girl doesn’t interfere anymore. Well, being that jealous, she certainly picked a wrong target for her passion: Senpai is a real magnet for the tender gender. He is no stranger to female attention and is always surrounded by flirting beauties. There are at least ten other girls at school who aren’t indifferent to him. It seems our heroine will have a hard time fighting for her love?

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这是自定义Yandere Simulator皮肤的页面。 1 Yellow Checkers by AmericanaDeluxe 2 Commission Skin By YANDERETSHUKI 3 Oka Ruto Blazer Skin - by Lana Rose 4 Nutella Girl Skin - Lana Rose 5 Bullies Sweater Texture by Kizugucci 6 Senpai Swimsuit by Pumpkinhero2 7 Tell Tale Mod by MarkMossing 8 Pink Streak(with mod) by Alex Ocreator 9 Rival Chan Skin Pack by Alex Ocreator 10 Blue Skin.

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So what is poor Ayano to do? She can’t sleep at night because of dark thoughts that overwhelm her. The heroine just can’t think of anyone else getting Senpai for herself. She becomes sadder by the day and it seems nothing can snap her out of this state. Finally, desperate to win the heart of her beloved, she decides to take over Senpai by eliminating rivals in various ways. And she must pull all her bloody plans through in just ten weeks. Will Ayano be able to achieve her goal? It only depends on your actions and choices throughout the game! This demo version of Yandere Simulator will allow you to get familiar with the gripping story and will surely intrigue you to continue playing in the full-fledged mode!