Young Chang Serial Numbers

To locate the serial number on a vertical piano, open the top and look inside. Almost all of them include the serial number on the plate in a small 'window' near the tuning pins. The number will usually be a 4 to 7 digit number, but may include a letter or two. Model number: y-150. Serial number: tg0025664. Year: n/a size: 4’11” color/finish style: polished dark mahogany. Additional details: includes bench.

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Young Chang Serial Numbers

See also Samick.

Samick Music Corp. (SMC)
1329 Gateway Drive
Gallatin, Tennessee 37066
[email protected]

Pianos made by: Samick Musical Instrument Mfg. Co. Ltd., Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

The Pramberger name was used by Young Chang for its premium-level pianos under license from the late piano engineer Joseph Pramberger, who at one time was head of manufacturing at Steinway & Sons. When Pramberger died, in 2003, his estate terminated its relationship with Young Chang and signed up with Samick. However, since Young Chang still holds the rights to its piano designs, Samick has designed new pianos to go with the name.

The J.P. Pramberger Platinum piano is a higher-end instrument, formerly made in Korea, and now made in Indonesia under Korean supervision using the CNC equipment acquired by Samick during its partnership with Bechstein. It is then shipped to the U.S. for inspection, tuning, regulating, and voicing before being shipped to dealers. Several American technicians who had known and worked with Joe Pramberger went to Korea at Samick’s request to design this piano. Benefiting by work previously done by Bechstein engineers at the Samick factory, they began with a modified Bechstein scale, then added several features found on current or older Steinways, such as an all-maple (or beech) rim, an asymmetrically tapered white spruce soundboard, vertically laminated and tunneled maple and mahogany bridges with maple cap, duplex scaling, a Renner/Pramberger action, and Renner or Abel hammers. One of the technicians told me that the group feels its design is an advancement of Pramberger’s work that he would have approved of.

Young Chang Serial Numbers

The Pramberger Signature (formerly known as J. Pramberger) is a more modestly priced instrument from Indonesia whose design is based on the former Korean-built Young Chang version. This line uses Samick’s Pratt-Reed Premium action, Renner or Abel hammers, and a Bolduc (Canadian) solid spruce soundboard. The institutional verticals in this line have all-wood cabinet construction and agraffes in the bass section, and the decorator versions include Renner hammers and a slow-close fallboard.

The Pramberger Legacy, the newest addition to the Pramberger line, has a veneer-laminated “surface tension” soundboard, and provides a reasonably priced option for the budget-minded consumer. These models were formerly sold under the Remington label. (The Remington brand is no longer a regular part of the Pramberger lineup, but is available to dealers on special order.)

[Note: Samick’s Pratt-Reed Premium action should not be confused with the Pratt-Read action used in many American-made pianos in the mid to late 20th century and eventually acquired by Baldwin. Samick says its Pratt-Reed action, designed by its research and development team and based on the German Renner action, is made in Korea.]

See Samick for more information.

Warranty: 10 years, parts and labor, transferable to future owners within the warranty period.

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Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

Young Chang Piano Serial Numbers

* See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

Young Chang Grand Piano Serial Numbers

Pramberger Legacy Series Verticals
LV-11043Continental Polished Ebony 7,719 5,498
LV-43F43French Provincial Satin Cherry 8,339 5,898
LV-43T43Satin Mahogany/Walnut 8,339 5,898
LV-11545Satin Ebony 9,059 6,298
LV-11545Polished Ebony 8,339 5,898
LV-11545Polished Mahogany/Walnut 9,269 6,398
LV-11846.5Satin Ebony 9,779 6,698
LV-11846.5Polished Ebony 9,059 6,298
Pramberger Signature Series Verticals
PV-118F/R/T46.5Decorator Satin Cherry/Mahogany/Walnut 10,299 6,998
PV-118S46.5Satin Ebony 10,609 7,198
PV-118S46.5Polished Ebony 9,989 6,798
PV-12147.5Satin Ebony 12,049 7,998
PV-12147.5Polished Ebony 11,329 7,598
PV-13252Satin Ebony 13,389 8,798
PV-13252Polished Ebony 12,669 8,398
Pramberger, J.P. Platinum Series Verticals
JP-13252Satin Ebony 16,789 10,798
JP-13252Polished Ebony 15,449 9,998
Pramberger Legacy Series Grands
LG-14949Satin Ebony 18,179 11,918
LG-14949Polished Ebony 16,809 11,098
LG-14949Polished Mahogany/Walnut 18,869 12,318
LG-15752Satin Ebony 20,599 12,798
LG-15752Polished Ebony 19,159 11,998
LG-15752Polished Ebony w/Bubinga or Pommele Accents 23,999 14,198
LG-15752Polished Fire Red 25,749 15,198
LG-17559Satin Ebony 25,339 14,598
LG-17559Polished Ebony 23,689 13,798
Pramberger Signature Series Grands
PS-15752Satin Ebony 25,439 15,198
PS-15752Polished Ebony 23,999 14,398
PS-15752Polished Ebony w/Bubinga or Pommele Accents 28,119 16,598
PS-17559Satin Ebony 27,499 16,398
PS-17559Polished Ebony 26,059 15,598
PS-18561Satin Ebony 28,529 16,998
PS-18561Polished Ebony 27,089 16,198
PS-208610Satin Ebony 38,049 21,798
PS-208610Polished Ebony 34,299 20,598
Pramberger, J.P. Platinum Series Grands
JP-179L510Satin Ebony 44,079 24,998
JP-179L510Polished Ebony 42,849 24,398
JP-179LF510French Provincial Satin Ebony 51,499 28,998
JP-179LF510French Provincial Lacquer Semigloss Cherry 51,499 28,998
JP-208B610Satin Ebony 55,929 31,398
JP-208B610Polished Ebony 54,799 30,798
JP-228C76Satin Ebony 60,869 34,198
JP-228C76Polished Ebony 60,249 33,798
JP-280E92Polished Ebony 179,839 98,998
9 TO 6 CDT
GMT minus 5 hours
Monday thru Friday
Do not call on
Sat. Sun. please

Fenix Young Chang Serial Numbers


One of the most difficult questions a piano tuner has to answer is the one above. What's your tuner going to say? 'Madam, your piano is a piece of junk. It was made in Mongolia by fugitives from a wiener factory, and for $50 I'd be happy to haul it to the dump for you.' Don't laugh- I had one just like that in Michigan. The owner thought it was absolutely wonderful, and I had to try to rescue it from the destiny of the municipal dump, where it belonged.

So, let's consider some principles in determining what is a good piano:

First- Generally (not always) the longer the wire, and the more square inches of sound board, the better the sound produced. Older pianos, with greater mass, also may carry the sound better, and a massive harp (See Diagram) will hold tune better. If the harp frame fills the whole box of the upright monster or spinet, that is, all four corners in rectangular fashion, you have a real advantage in holding tune.

Second- Exceptions abound. This is why there is no blue book for pianos. A medium sized Yamaha upright can beat out an old Cable Nelson grand or full size upright any day. The Yamaha may also beat out a middle line Baldwin grand in tone quality and in holding its tune. Steinway is making some lower quality pianos these days, and a top of the line Baldwin will beat them out in classy look and in low noise (inharmonisity) in the wires. In fact, a top of the line Baldwin has qualities that are now rare worldwide. Petrof of Poland made exceptional pianos in the past, and they are only getting better. Capitalism has been good for them. Shop carefully.

Any Everett upright will beat out any Wurlitzer grand unless the Wurlitzer is old and well maintained. Anything is better than an Aeolian, except a Winter-- the one with the aluminum harp and the hammers that pop off. An aluminum harp on a piano is like mackerel in the moonlight- it shines and it stinks. If you cannot bear to take your Winter spinet to the dump, try plucking it with a guitar pick.

Of the pianos made these days, which is the best?

I vote for Yamaha for money's worth. Next Kawai, Young Chang, maybe Samick (because of warranty), and then Baldwin (top of the line only). Petrof is a very good piano, but prices have gone up in recent years. They are not cheap. Then comes Steinway-- It is not worth the high price, and parts ordering and help from the factory is lousy. Snobs is what they are- sorry, but it's a fact. I must say thought that the Steinway is the best piano you can buy-- It just is not worth what it costs.

There is an Italian fellow in Boston making an exceptional grand-- par with Steinway or better, but he is unknown elsewhere. An eighty year old Fischer, which has been pampered, has more character than any Steinway ever made- personal prejudice- I'll admit it. A turn of the century Ivers and Pond is a massive over-built monster from Boston, and, in top condition, is worth more than 80% of the new pianos made today. It is so impressive inside that you can take the desk off, and your guests will be in awe of the workmanship.

Poland makes a clever console competing with Yamaha, and the Germans make good pianos if you buy one there and the Deutch Mark is down. The legend of pianos is the Bösendorfer. If you can afford one of them, why are you reading this book? :-)

Now, before you commit pianocide on your old Winter, or some other generic piano, cheer up-- if you have been tuning the piano faithfully, and if it has never been stored in the barn, you probably have a pretty acceptable piano anyway. You are way ahead of the poor guy in Fremont, Michigan with the 70 year old Steinway he inherited from granny which was indeed stored in the barn with the hogs. I had to give it the last rites and walk away.

If you question the wisdom of keeping your little runt spinet, go price some new pianos. Aside from being expensive, new pianos often have problems that take years to iron out, and they need numerous tunings in the first three years to get the stretch out of the wires. Piano salesmen will not tell you that.

So go home, call a tuner who has a positive attitude about life, and ask him to bring your old relic back the best he can. You will be surprised what can be done. If the tuner tells you to haul it to the dump, call me. I shall try to find a fellow for you with a better attitude. There are a few snobby tuners (most of whom worked in the Steinway factory at one time or another) who think you are paying them to be a piano critic. Run the scoundrels off please. You always have the option also of restoring and tuning it yourself. We have many customers doing just that.

So, when your tuner gets there, don't ask, 'Do I have a good piano?' Get him a cup of coffee and a piece of pie (in Nogales, AZ, hot tamales, and in Grand Rapids, MI, oli bolin), and sit back and enjoy the art of bringing back the music. If the tuner does some amazing wonder with your piano, please write to me and describe it. In future editions of this book (And in Updates and Forum) I hope to compile a recommended list of really helpful tuners world wide.


You need to understand that this list does not take into account
the care the piano has had over the years.

Exceptional quality

Steinway & Sons
Mason & Hamlin

Better than average

Acrosonic by Baldwin
Pearl River
Knight of the UK
Story & Clark
George Steck
Ivers and Pond
Henry Miller
Jesse French
J & C Fischer

Useful though not exceptional

Winter Musett
Hobart M. Cable
Mehlin & Son
Kranich & Bach

Price and Teeple
Kohler & Campbell
Cable Nelson
Betsy Ross


This company bought defunct piano companies, some in the above lists, and used the names on their pianos to hide their junk pianos. Beware-- Check a piano atlas to see if Aeolian bought the piano name of something you are considering buying.

Winter- Not Musette
'Grand' ( Brand name on cheap upright company )
Any piano made in Utah
Any Bird Cage Action piano ( Exception- German )
Any piano with an aluminum harp
Chancellor-- From Ireland-- Operated by hot air-- Honest!

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